Look at the size of this Maine lobster. It's wicked huge!


Giant Maine Lobster

That is one old, scary, enormous, and slightly beaten-up lobster.

Jacob Knowles, a fifth-generation lobsterman here in Maine, posted the video on his TikTok page, and it is racking up views.

The video shows this absolutely mammoth lobster caught by Knowles in the Gulf of Maine in mid-November.

This beautiful lobster might be large and in charge, but its age is really the true story.

100-Year-Old Lobster

Jacob estimates that the 10 lb.+ lobster is likely close to 100 years old. That is nearly incomprehensible. This gargantuan beast has basically been around since before the Great Depression.

According to livescience.com, Maine lobster can live to at least 100 years old. Numerous reasons play into its ability to live such a long life. Those include living in a cold-water environment and the never-ending molting process.

A Family of Lobstermen

While the potential life expectancy is incredible, it still doesn't hit home like Jacob's comments about who may have also caught the lobster. He suspects his father, grandfather, and even great-grandfather may have caught this same monster.

Jacob is a fifth-generation lobsterman, and his family has also fished the same area. So, considering lobsters typically stay in the same area, he may be entirely correct. Talk about mind-blowing information.

Jacob actually caught a 100-year-old lobster only a few months ago, which he also posted about on TikTok. That one is also a beast!

This new lobster he caught is sadly missing its crusher claw. However, it's still kicking at around 100 years old.

Maybe I shouldn't be too concerned. Who knows? Maybe another generation of the Knowles family will catch it in the future.

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