Few have defeated the challenge at Binga's Stadium and as you can see in this video, regret over attempting it can come on quick.

Ben Kilcollins has been a successful local musician on the Portland scene for many years now. Success breeds confidence and perhaps that confidence led to this noble attempt at taking down the infamous Binga's '08 fire sauce challenge. But after watching this short video posted courtesy of comedian Ian Stuart on Facebook, you'll see that Kilcollins may have regretted that confident decision.

For those that don't understand how lethal the '08 fire sauce is from Binga's, then all you need to do is get a whiff of it. It's a powerful mix of some of the hottest chilis on Earth and has one mission, set your mouth on fire. Speaking of fire, the '08 fire sauce gets its name as a tribute to the initial location of Bingas Wingas that burned down in 2008. It promises to make grown men cry and women scream.

We're not convinced that Ben Kilcollins was weeping in this video, although the sunglasses were a smart touch. Oh, and if you're curious why he's wearing rubber gloves while eating chicken tenders, the answer is simple. The '08 fire sauce doesn't just simply wash off, it can hang on your hands for hours even after soap and water, and can really do some damage to your face and eyes.

Kilcollins eventually taps out but who can blame him? Could you defeat the '08 fire sauce challenge?

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