It's always fascinating to catch a glimpse of wildlife here in New England.

Whether you're surrounded by the ocean or mountains, there's never a shortage of animals you could see in their natural habitats. Now, a video uploaded by Chris Luise to the Portsmouth, NH Facebook group is shining a light on one of our favorite animals to spot on the Seacoast: seals. The clip shows a harbor seal enjoying a relaxing swim in Portsmouth Harbor, as it floats on its back with its little snout periodically sticking out of the water.

How cute is this? We wish we could be as relaxed as this little guy or gal.

It turns out that this isn't the first time the seal has been spotted hanging out in the harbor. In fact, folks who have seen it multiple times have even given it a name, according to commenter Erin Barnard:

That's Sammy the Seal!!! We love him at Portsmouth Harbor Cruises! Been a fixture in the river all season.

Well, there you have it. Portsmouth's got a new resident seal named Sammy, and he sure is cute. Next time you're wandering the docks in or near Prescott Park, keep your eyes peeled, cause you might catch a glimpse of this special fella.

We always love seeing videos like this, so shoutout to Chris for posting the cool footage.

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