So here we are in 2020 and by now, you'd think tourism videos would be a thing of the past. If you're not familiar, for decades, cities across the world used specially made videos to increase interest in tourism. Cities began to think twice after Cleveland spent actual taxpayer money on this disaster of a tourism video, which went viral. So after a little perusing of the internet, what do we find? A "tourism" video for Old Orchard Beach, Maine and holy crap, it's absolutely terrible.

Shared on Reddit by dennie33, if you can sit through the painful 3 minute video, then you are officially a better person than we are. The voiceover is almost as exciting as watching paint dry. At the very least, it really does offer up some actual information about what Old Orchard Beach has to offer. The video portion clearly comes from somebody's visit to OOB (likely last summer) and offers zero edits or cuts but somehow does capture what you could reasonably expect to see on any given day during tourist season in OOB.

And as you pull your hair out over our very serious take on this video, we totally get that this is satire. It's so bad that it almost makes it good. And also, we really want some pier fries like right now.

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