Would the real Clark Griswold please stand up! Almost like it was a direct enactment from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, someone managed to video a person dragging an absolute monster of a tree down Route 25 in Standish.

Shared on Reddit by DeafGrit (with photo credit to KG), watch and then rewatch in amazement. Our favorite part of the video is that you literally cannot tell who or what is pulling this behemoth down the street. We can only imagine the looks that the driver was getting in real time...solid gold.

Speaking of solid gold, the comments on the Reddit post are just that. A mix between stereotypical Maine humor and lots of tree puns. The biggest wonder in the comment thread wasn't just HOW whomever transported this tree was actually doing so, the question was...WHERE IS THIS TREE GOING? What house or business will be the new home of this massive tree? We're really wondering too.

Anyway, this is probably case in point of how NOT to transport your tree down a busy road anywhere. But we certainly hope wherever it landed, that it's fully decorated and spreading Christmas cheer.


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