What do you do when you just can't stop giggling live on television? Give up and move on...

For those in the broadcasting industry, there are a few worst case scenarios while you're live on-air. Naturally, you don't want to throw any curse words out over the airwaves but coming in a close second is just melting down while the lights are hot the mics are live. And that's exactly what happened to Sunday River TV host Matt Stagliano.

Shared by the Sunday River TV 7 Facebook page, Stagliano was attempting to run through some of the services and activities offered at Sunday River until IT happened. A bad case of the giggles. Those giggles were only made worse by the production team behind the scenes who were truly enjoying their colleagues on-air meltdown.

The best part of the 2 minute clip begins right around 1:25. Stagliano begins to use various hand motions in hopes of quelling his inner laughter while :15 seconds without any talking runs on the airwaves. Stagliano eventually throws up the white flag and calls for a break, with red face.

It's one of those things that can happen to any broadcaster on any day. But it's moments like this that were meant to be put on the internet. Sorry Matt.



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