Normally when cops are out on the prowl, it's to protect us from criminals, catch that jerk speeding in the red ferrari (or, seeing as it's Maine, an old Saturn with a cheap body kit), and now, fortunately, only lightly harass Mainers for the use of Marijuana.

However, when a couple of officers in the Bangor area went out today, they found... Bees. Quite a lot of them, to be exact.

The Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook page posted a video earlier today showing an officer from their sister department in Brewer surgically removing a beehive from a tree in a residential area. Take a look here:

Apparently, the cops had to deal with the bees because every time they were pursuing a driver, he or she would pull over right next to the tree to evade any police interaction. While that's a pretty cheap way to get out of a ticket, it is kinda smart. Maybe we'll just stick to keeping a bear in the CYY van, though - fewer stings, ya know?

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