Wait, there was a duplex here five minutes ago! Check out this cool time-lapse video of a house demolition in Calais. This duplex was on the corner of Clark Street and Fowler Street. The photographer took a Go-Pro picture every five minutes during the demolition. The end video is pretty cool!  And check out how neat and today they were on the cleanup. How much fun would it be to have the job of the guy in the rig?!  I bet the neighbor next door was pretty freaked out.


House demolition is not cheap. On average it costs between $5,000-$15,000 to demolish a 1500 square foot house.

The only thing more fun than a house demo in Maine? A bridge demo...with explosives! Check out this incredible video of the demotion of a Maine bridge. The Maine DOT used explosives to demolish the old Beals Island Bridge, which connects the towns of Beals and Jonesport. It blew up real good!



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