The dormitories will be too expensive to renovate, so the University of Southern Maine will to tear them down instead, erasing decades of memories. 

For those that have called USM's Gorham campus home during their collegiate career, there's a good chance you've spent at least a night or two inside Dickey-Wood hall. "The towers" as they've always been known to students will see their final days soon, as USM plans to demolish them rather than renovate.

According to, a cost analysis was done that found it would cost nearly $7 million more to renovate the old dorms than to just destroy them. Even with the pricey renovation, they would still lack in modern amenities that students today look for, making the decision a rather easy one for USM's President. But that doesn't mean old students are going to be excited about it.

The towers were constructed in 1970, and housed decades worth of students in the far corner of the Gorham campus. For years, the towers were the predominant dormitory students wanted to stay in but a lack of upkeep began making Dickey-Wood obsolete. For the past 3 years, the towers haven't been used at all. Most of that centers on newer, more function-able dorms available on campus as well as an ongoing asbestos problem.

But for those that spent time living in the towers, they will reminisce. I, myself, spent two years in 201 Wood Hall back in the early 2000's. It was a dorm with old, ruthless heating ducts, no air conditioning whatsoever, the slowest internet connection on campus and some sort of weird buzzing that kept students up at all hours of the night. But it was home and man, was it fun.

There's no timetable for the demolition of the dorms but it's expected to take place some time in 2018. Goodbye Dickey-Wood, thanks for the memories.

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