It's an epic battle of ping pong at famous, local landmarks. Why? Because they can. This is Ping Pong Around The State of Maine

The Maine Film Guys visited several landmarks in Maine and set up a ping pong table to battle it out. How many of these locations can you name?

Did you catch all the locations? Here they are in order...

The University of Maine, Orono
The Paul Bunyan statue, Bangor
Fort Knox & Penobscot Narrows, Bucksport
Eartha at DeLorme, Yarmouth
Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth
Maine State House, Augusta
L.L. Bean, Freeport

It's fun video, but maybe these guys need a better travel guide. They could have saved some travel time if they just went from north to south instead of heading back up to Augusta after they hit Portland Head Light.

Their behind the scenes video shows what it was like to film this trip across the Pine Tree State.

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