Have you ever wondered what would happen if those proposals you see in front of huge crowds at sporting events would go if she said no? After what happened Sunday night at Fenway Park, now we know.

It went just like they all go at first. A message shows on the giant video screen "Will You Marry Me?" The guy gets down on one knee and wait for the answer in front of a crowd of 40,000 people. She usually says yes and the crowd goes crazy, but that's not what happened at Sunday's game against the Cubs at Fenway.

In the video below posted on Twitter, you can see that she was not quick with her answer. The cameraman starts to feel awkward and turns away as the crowd chants "Just say yes!" It never happened.

Let that be a lesson boys. If you want to propose to your girl in front of a 40,000 people Make damn sure she's going to say yes or millions of people will see your disappointment.

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