Westbrook, Maine Police Save a Cow

While you were sleeping last night, Westbrook police were channeling their inner ‘Yellowstone’ and spent their night wrangling a baby calf that had escaped its mother cow.

Sergeant Lorenzen and officer Velasco chased down the calf, wrangled it safely, and reunited it with its mama unharmed.

The department posted on Facebook sharing the mini Western adventure:

Maybe the mama cow is just trying not to be a helicopter mom. I guess you could call that free-range parenting. *ba dum tss*

Mainer’s police content is a little different than my peers in New York City or Boston. We have a fair share of true crime, sure, but this is the type of content we see on our timelines and you just say, “awe”.

With depressing news and current events lately, this is the type of content we want to see on our timelines. If it were up to me, my feed would only be pictures of cows at all times.

I was in Westbrook while this was happening and I’m a little sad I didn’t get to witness the calf running around the ‘brook. It’s a bold statement but I think cows very well may be my favorite animal and since I am a human being, I obviously can not drive past a field of cows or see one without yelling “COW!”.

I guess it's a good thing the Westbrook Police Department was involved because if I saw that little cute cow running around free-range, I would have had a calf hiding in my house as we speak.

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