Recently, after a long night of, someone ( Rob...wait maybe it was Joey...wait.. .never mind...) figured out that CYY was coming up on it's 2 MILLIONTH SONG. We checked the stats and it's true-sometime this month we will hit song number 2 Million! Now, the question is: What Should Be CYY Song Number 2 Million? That's waaaayyyyy too big a decision for us. You've been with us for the CYY ride....YOU should pick number 2 Million.

Something new? Something from the early CYY days? Hmmmmm. This is a big choice with heavy responsibility. But we will make it worth your while. If you happen to pick our 2 Millionth Song,  we'll send you and a friend on a trip to see the Black Keys on Halloween night, in Portland, Oregon. If several people pick the same song..we'll simply put all the correct entries in a hat and pick one of you at random to win the trip. Cool? COOL!

Mr. Chuck Armstrong-Diffuser

Thanks for being CYY. And here's to 2 Million More being Portland's Alternative!