Anytime there's a big game or event coming, people often have a list of snacks that are almost "expected" on the party platter. Wings, nachos, some sort of chips and dip and maybe even a veggie platter for the health nuts. So when Google released their list of the most searched for snacks for every state in anticipation of the Super Bowl list, some of the results were quite surprising, including Maine.


Mainers didn't search for chili or fish chowder or anything lobster when it came to their Super Bowl snack of choice. Instead, the people of Maine were really hoping for some tasty beef stew. Yes, BEEF STEW. There's an outside chance that families were coming together on Sunday, scouring Google for that perfect beef stew recipe and that this list is all a sham. Although, you'd have to admit, it's a bit surprising that beef stew was searched for more than chili, chicken wings or any other classic "big game" dish that day.

Across the country, the most popular snack was buffalo chicken dip. Almost half the country searched for that the most. Other popular items included 7 layer dip, meatballs, chicken wings and pulled pork. Check out the Google map of the entire United States here:

Huffington Post via Google