The next time you say you’re from New England and someone says, “What are you – wicked smaht??” , reply, “As a mattah of fact, yeah!”, then dump some Dunkin' on their car and shout, “Go Sawx!”

Because according to a new study, the so-called “Boston accent” is actually regarded as one of the smartest sounding accents in the U.S. It actually placed wicked high, ked.

The Boston accent ranked fourth overall in a poll taken by the language learning website Preply for the smartest-sounding accents in the U.S. It also ranked 6th overall for the accent Americans like most.

Why, then, did it rank most annoying in the U.S. for the second year in a row? Dood, that’s a wicked mind-bendah.

According to one expert who weighed in with Channel 25, it’s possibly due to the fact that Bostonians speak quickly, which can be perceived as knowing what you’re talking about.

This checks out, as people in Massachusetts were recently ranked among the fastest talking in the U.S.

It’s important to note the number of colleges in the area and how the accent could be associated with higher learning. After all, the thickest Boston accent of them all, JFK’s, would go all the way to the Oval Office (including one in which the Camelot President let his inner-Masshole loose on a phone call about the U.S. hockey team).

Also, I find that nearly everyone in New England is intensely knowledgeable about something, if not everything. You can’t fake it and make it up here, so when you hear someone drop those Rs, you can assume they speak with authority.

Well, perhaps with one exception…

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