Michelle Bancewicz Cicale is one of the most badass women I have ever seen in my life. I so enjoy watching her fishing adventures on social media. I finally got to meet her in person last year at Wally's. I'm really hoping just a smidgeon of her badassery (not a word, I'm aware) rubbed off on me.

Michelle has been fishing most of her life. Like most things, if you implement the three P's – practice, patience, and persistence – you are bound to get better at it. In 2015, she started fishing mostly for tuna, and bought her own boat in 2019, the FV No Limits (FV = fishing vessel).

Michelle Bancewicz Cicale via Facebook
Michelle Bancewicz Cicale via Facebook

No Limits seems like an appropriate name for Michelle's boat. Remember when she reeled in this monster of a Blue Fin on one of her first solo ventures?

And let us not forget about this crazy catch:

This one was 108 inches and had a dressed weight of 601 lbs (that’s minus the head, tail, and gutted).

Michelle and her first mate Lea were on Wicked Tuna last year, and it was so much fun to watch them in action.

Michelle and Lea were the first all-female crew to ever compete on the show (who run the world? GIRLS)!

Recently, Michelle posted another video of her going full beast mode to reel in yet another massive tuna! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after watching this one:

Follow Michelle on Facebook and Instagram, and be prepared to be wowed. This woman is breaking the glass ceiling in the world of tuna fishing, and it is an absolute pleasure to watch.

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