Ever wondered where Maine would place on a happiness scale compared to the rest of the country? What factors would influence that? Well, summers, lakes, cookouts, fall foliage and whoopie pies are reasons enough to land us in the top 10, in my opinion. However, our brutal winters miiight come into play here.

Well, WalletHub must have read our arguments, and couldn't decide between them, because were right in the middle. Yep, dead center: 25th. Check out the map below:

Source: WalletHub

According to WalletHub, we got that rank because of some conflicting results in the areas they measured. Maine scored 6th in Community and Environment, near our fellow New Englanders in Vermont and New Hampshire. Anyone that's ever been here can't help but agree with that, so why do we have a general reputation as being cold? Maybe it's the sports rivalries...

We also scored high in Work Environment: 11th, just behind Hawaii. Where we didn't do so good, however, is Emotional and Physical Wellbeing, which is pretty important to happiness. We ranked 39th there, and for what reasons we don't know. If we had to venture a guess, it's all the fat we pack on for winter... Or is that just me?


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