I don't usually cop an attitude when a Portland summer screams by like the last one did--so, I'm not going to, now, either. I prefer to think about indoor activities that define Portland's Culture. FYI: Beer Pong is a sport, not a cultural signpost. Unless it's played until 3am with strangers, then that qualifies it as a sport and part of "the Portland scene".  It gets played everywhere in Portland--kind of just breaks out on it's own--so I won't post a link to any one competition. Quarters, either.

We're still getting some great weather, so now is a good time to make a plan for...later.

You can check out the PMA, with the superb exhibitions coming up. And the movies, there. Or, there's the newly renovated Portland Public Library on Congress and the movies they show...or the USM Library on Bedford Street. Plus, the art galleries everywhere in town are cool to explore alone or with anybody else. As are the various art supply stores around the city...you may find your amusement for the long tunnel days of February...worth a try.


Or, definitely plan a getaway on the mail boat around the bay or a jaunt to Peaks--not super arty, but after all the culture, you could use a breather.  Then, there's an overlooked option: a Y membershipThey have a gym...and a pool. Oh, yes.

I'll be out and about and will feed you ideas as we go, so start your plan today and make sure your generator has gas.  Then just slide into the upcoming Old Farmer type of time they like to chuckle about.  Those old farmers are kinda twisted, but usually right.

Get going.

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