There's a new vodka developed by an ISU professor that guarantees to leave consumers with less of a hangover the next morning compared to any other brand. Although they say no one should drink alcohol to the point of a hangover, let's be realistic here, it's gonna happen.

It's the impurities that are the toxic chemicals formed during fermentation. According to several studies, the amount of impurities consumed contributes to the next morning's hangover. Obviously getting obliterated is going to play a factor as well.

Click here to read more about about this new spirit and the very interesting purification process involved in maming IngeniOz. Hopefully it will make it's way over to our neck of the woods. Currently it's available in Iowa and averages about $24 for a 750 ml bottle.

Based on some tests conducted, Titos was found to have the highest number of impurities with 49. I was kind of bummed to hear that news after becoming a recent fan while visiting it's city of Austin, TX back in March. Who knows, maybe I experienced a few rougher than normal weekend mornings in result to Titos. A brand that I'm not familiar with, Ciroc has 39 impurities and Absolut with 16. There's a list of the impurities in 14 top vodka brands attached to each bottle of IngeniOz.

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