I've been noticing a lot of gas stations no longer have that clip on the handle at the pump. Why?


Am I the only one noticing this? Is it a thing that they are disappearing, or am I just hitting gas station that don't have them? You know the clip. It lets you fill your tank without having to actually pump.


If you ever get bored while pumping gas and read the rules, one of the rules posted on the pump says that you are supposed to stay pumping your gas. I know that on cold days, the kind of cold that cuts through you, I'll clip that sucker and sit in the car waiting for the...


I can't find anything that says they are now illegal. The only article I could even find on those super helpful gas clips was from 2015 in the Boston Globe stating that Massachusetts was one of the last states to make them legal.

Hmm. So that means they were illegal before that? If this is a case of some bad kids ruining it for the rest of us, that's gonna bum me out. I've never had an issue putting gas in my car. Not once. And anytime there is a gas clip - I use it.

Does anyone know if this is a thing, or am I just hitting all the wrong stations?

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