One thing Maine doesn’t lack is free speech. Whether it’s bumper stickers strewn across cars, flags hanging out of windows, or yard signs scattered throughout the green, Mainers are quick to share their stances with others.

Yard Signs in Yarmouth, Maine

I’m used to seeing yard signs around Yarmouth, with plenty of “This Senior just Graduated from NYA!”, “Black Lives Matter”, and yellow and blue across the town. Last summer, new signs started to sprout that were just white signs with a red heart in the middle, just like this:


I first noticed them at restaurants and then started seeing them on front lawns in various neighborhoods as I drove through town. Once I noticed one, I couldn’t stop seeing them everywhere and noticed them moving into Freeport, Pownal, Portland; It was a simple gesture and reminder to spread love, give love, and be loved.

“Be Nice.” Yard Signs

There are still red hearts on lawns and taped to windows but there’s a new sign I’m noticing now, too: Black signs with simple white print that simply states: “Be Nice.”

Do you know what these signs are or where they’re coming from?

So far, I’ve only noticed them in Yarmouth but they very well could be scattered around other towns. The message is pretty obvious, just be nice. We’ve all felt and been pretty divided lately and these simple messages and reminders are a nice pick-me-up driving or walking around town. It really is that simple: Just be nice!! It’s not hard to do.

If you know what started these signs, let me know!

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