It's a sad day for the community here in the Greater Portland area.

It is with a heavy heart that I share that the beloved Bruce's Burritos in Yarmouth has closed.

Locals in all corners of the Earth all have their favorite local spots, their sanctuaries and safe havens that are consistent and always dependable to fill your belly and hearts right up.

Bruce's was one of those places for many here in Southern Maine.

Growing up, it was a special treat on the way home from sports practices. In high school, it was the spot to hang out and sneak off to during study hall periods, and in college, it was the place to come home to on visits back to the hometown.

For 16 years, Bruce's was a dependable, consistent, and incredible place to run in for takeout or spend time with loved ones. The familiar faces added to the love you felt every time you walked through those colorful doors. This is a loss the entire community will feel.

Bruce's posted on Instagram earlier this morning sharing the sad news.

The restaurant had started a GoFundMe in a last hope to keep the doors open but it is with their sadness and regret they share they have to close for good.

The comments immediately started flooding in with condolences, sadness, and support. They are hoping someone will buy it and carry on their legacy but the Bruce's we know and love as is, right now, has closed its doors.

I have already gotten multiple texts from people in the area with all caps lock: "BRUCE'S IS CLOSED!!", shared with utter heartbreak.

This is the type of local news you'll be hearing for a while and one of those places you'll chat about with friends over the years saying, "remember when?"

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