I can't find this guys program anywhere on my TV. But luckily, I have the YouTube app on my homescreen and can watch that way.

His name is Coyote Peterson and according to the "about' on his official Facebook page, he is an "Animal Expert, Adventurer, Conservationist, Host of Brave Wilderness Shows!"

I featured a video of his from YouTube channel about a cute yet fierce Maine critter in an article last September.

My friend Rob sent me a text message this morning asking "Ever heard of this guy? He goes and gets stung on purpose for science, I guess." I responded with, "I think I did an article recently with a video of him chasing a weasel." Well, yup. It's the same guy. Funny how he showed up again for me this fall. Must mean something? Or maybe not?

Anyway since I was already familiar with is wild and crazy animal expert, I decided I had to watch him on another adventure. Even better, this episode is where Coyote Peterson visits Portland, Maine, to intentionally get pinched by a lobster. I guess what him showing up again for me means is, that I should watch his wicked entertaining and educational stuff more often.

Most of us Mainers eat lobster. How many of us have ever been pinched by one? I've heard that it is wicked painful and might even lead to a broken finger. That's why they put those sturdy elastic bands around the claws before we bring them home in the cooler, right?

Coyote says in the video, "I hear they have a crusher claw and ripper claw. His cameraman then asks, "Which one are you gonna get pinched by?" Coyote responds with, " Well, both of them. Because, we need to find out which one does more damage." Duh.

This guy's great! Watch the whole thing from right here in Portland, Maine just a few years back.

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