We have a stack left that we've been holding on to...but these tickets are special. They will grant you access backstage to meet Breaking Benjamin before the show! We're not done yet though...they will also come with VIP access into the CYY Shinedown acoustic performance at the Asylum the day AFTER the show. Yes, instead of getting home to their families a day early, Shinedown is going to hang out and play some tunes for a group of about THIRTY people. Since it's the day before Thanksgiving, we gotta have a feast! The Asylum is gonna put out a nice Thanksgiving spread for you to stuff your face with.

This is a hot ticket right now. People are offering to do weird sh** to get their hands on some. How about we just keep it simple and just have you listen to the radio?

How to win: Listen for Shinedown OR Breaking Benjamin during select 25 song music marathons. They kick off at 8:50am, 12:50pm and 6:50pm. We'll even let you know which marathons we're going to do it. Caller #9 at 792-WCYY wins EVERYTHING mentioned above. Pretty sweet kick off to the holiday season right there....GOOD LUCK!