I'm not sure what's in the water at Maine police stations but they're consistently bringing the funny on Facebook. Like the infamous Bangor Maine Police Department and their recent post with an uncanny drawing of Lt. Myron Warner.

Now the Windham Police Department is bringing some absolute hilarity with an age-old joke.

Well, it's hilarious unless you're on the naive side. Otherwise, you may have fallen for this one yourself.

Windham PD posted to their Facebook yesterday a reminder for drivers. Be safe and top off that blinker fluid.

Those familiar with blinker fluid know just how important it is. How else will other drivers know you're turning?

Of course, there's no real such thing as Blinker Fluid but this prank, going back generations is always good for a laugh. Windham really committed to the joke but reiterating the main point, blinkers are incredibly important when changing lanes or making a turn.

So, who do you know that needs a refill?

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