You see it in movies and TV shows all the time. Someone points at a cashier or bank teller with their finger inside their jacket pretending it's a gun trying to rob them. Sometimes, for the sake of the plot, it works. Most times it's just pretty comical. When it happens in real life though, you wonder why anyone would think that would work. Well for 26-year-old Paige Tuttle of Norway, it didn't.

Oxford County Sheriff's Department
Oxford County Sheriff's Department

According to the Sun Journal, she walked into the Big Apple at Trap Corner in West Paris and told the store clerk to give her the money in the cash drawer because she "had a gun." This clerk was no dummy. He'd probably seen what it looks like to have your finger pointed like a gun under your sweater and said "No you don't."

Her plan to have her finger impersonate a gun foiled, she bolted and the clerk called police. They later caught up with Tuttle in Norway and arrested her on felony robbery charges. She also is prohibited from ever again entering a Big Apple.

Lesson learned kids. Just because you see it work on TV, doesn't mean you can pull it off yourself. Remember that the next time you try to land your car on the ground by riding it out the back of a plane like they did in Fast and Furious 7.

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