A plane that is the world's largest and landed at the Bangor International Airport in 2020, was reportedly destroyed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On July 31, 2020, hundreds of people gathered at the Bangor International Airport to watch the Ukrainian cargo plane Antonov AN-225, with the largest wingspan of any aircraft in service, land. It's powered by six turbofan engines and with cargo, can take off with a weight of 705 tons. Its size would fill an entire football field.

Needless to say, the crowds were amazed as the giant plane flew overhead to land. It was also amazing to see the view from the cockpit of the landing.

Ukrainian officials announced that the Antanov AN-225 had been destroyed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine while it was sitting on an airfield near Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

According to CNN, there has been no independent confirmation of the AN-225's destruction. A tweet from the Antonov company who manufactured the world's largest plane said it could not report on the technical condition of the aircraft until it has been inspected by experts.

Ukrainian officials are vowing that the Antanov AN-225 will be rebuilt. The plane is a marvel of modern-day engineering and is the pride of the Ukrainian people. Those who saw it that day in July two years ago will never forget the experience of seeing such a massive plan touch down right in Bangor. Hopefully, it will be rebuilt better than ever and have a chance to land here once again.

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