Ice cream is always a great way to cool down, well let us be honest ice cream is great no matter the weather outside. Yesterday, July 28th, Dairy Queen locations decided to give back.

I was surprised when I walked up to order ice cream and saw a sign taped to the ordering window. If you chose to go to Dairy Queen yesterday as long as you purchased a blizzard you too gave back to the community.

Small, medium, or large it did not matter what size you ordered. It did not even matter what type of blizzard you got. You could have purchased Thin Mint, Banana Split, Oreo, or even created your own concoction (personally I go for peanut butter and cookie dough).

For every blizzard that was purchased Dairy Queen donated a dollar to help others.


If you ended up going to the Dairy Queen in South Portland, then for every blizzard that was purchased $1 would be donated to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital is located in Portland, Maine. The hospital is a non-profit organization that benefits from community support, so it was amazing to know that my tasty dessert was also able to give back to this amazing hospital.

Barbara Bush Children's Hospital does everything from routine check-ups and immunizations to treating life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

There are many other ways to give back to the community, and yesterday, Dairy Queen made it easy.

If you are looking to give back to the community and would like to find ways to donate to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, you can find more information here.

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