Carving pumpkins was always a fun family event for me. We'd go pick our perfect pumpkin, get home, lay out some old newspaper and carve away. It was always a blast until clean up. Even with the newspaper covering the table there was always some slimy innards that splatted on the floor or seeds that would go flying and land somewhere only to be found days later.

This Friday we can have all the fun of carving our pumpkins without worrying about too much clean up as Congress Square Arts invites us to Congress Square Park for Pumpkins In The Square.

It's a free event where you can either bring your own pumpkin or buy one there, carve it up, decorate it and bring it home.

The party is from 4 to 6 this Friday afternoon with live music thanks to Jenny Van West Music. There will also be donuts and cider and other fall arts and crafts.

Definite fun for the whole family without the clean up!

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