We know, we know. The Patriots aren't even done with their 2018 season and playoff run, and we are already looking forward to the 2019 season!

With the regular season done, the NFL has announced the TEAMS the Patriots will face next year.

We know if we're home or away. We don't have times or dates yet. That will happen this summer.

It's not an easy schedule! As always, the Patriots will face the usual AFC East foes. And in 2019 the Pats will play AFC North and NFC East teams. 



Buffalo-Miami-NY Jets-Cleveland-Pittsburgh-Kansas City-Dallas-NY Giants


Buffalo-Miami-NY Jets-Baltimore-Cincinnati-Houston-Washington-Philadelphia


But first things first. The PLAYOFFS! The Pats start their drive to the Super Bowl on January 13th at home against either the Ravens, Texans or Chargers.



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