Close Call

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. A frighteningly close call while on the road. Sometimes it’s due to our own stupidity and other times it’s because of others being idiots.

It could be due to any number of reasons. Maybe you’re overtired, maybe you’re frustrated from work and just want to hightail it home, maybe you’re running late, or maybe you feel like your bladder is about to burst. Regardless of the reason though it’s not worth the risk of causing an accident that could hurt you, another driver, their passengers, or pedestrians.


Public Penance

One Maine Redditor took to Reddit to confess to his recent driving sin and nearly causing an accident with a turning truck in Farmingdale, Maine. User mygirldarthvada said that they were trying to save time on a delivery. The best-case scenario they would have saved 2 seconds. Worst case scenario they would have caused a really bad accident on Route 27.

Maine Ave is a busy road and Northern Ave gets a fair amount of traffic with folks heading to Kennebec Savings Bank. Well, it was at this intersection that u/mygirldarthvada almost caused an accident. Heading towards Gardiner, a vehicle had stopped to turn onto Northern Ave and despite the double yellow line and oncoming traffic, u/mygirldarthvada decided to pass the turning vehicle nearly hitting a truck that was turning off of Northern Ave heading into Farmingdale.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It’s the kind of close call that makes your heart jump into your throat and your buttcheeks clench. Check it out below:

Lesson learned--hopefully.

Stay safe and stay smart out there!

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