I got called out twice in one day for the fight against ALS with the Ice Bucket Challenge thing. So it's my time! Here's how it went down... 

Your icey buckets are working! According our friend Amy Coyne (seen here) from the local Northern New England Chapter of the ALS Association, their donations are up 53% already from last year. The national numbers last year at this time... $1.1 million. This year, now around 4 million. THAT IS AWESOME! THIS IS WORKING!

The local chapter of the ALS Association can be found.. RIGHT HERE Click and find out how to donate and become more involved in the fight against ALS. There is a Walk to Fight ALS In Portland on September 6. You can find out more about it RIGHT HERE

Great work to those who've helped out! Keep doing what you're doing, but make sure people keep donating when these videos happen. Hence, the reason behind my video..