The ghost of Hannah Straw allegedly has been spotted many times after he body was buried beneath the kitchen of the Old Straw House in Newfield, Maine. 

NOTE: Recent owners of the property have asked for privacy, and in that essence, no photos of the house or address will be given.

In Maine, there are hundreds of tall tales and ghost stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. There are few ghost stories that are as intriguing as the one surrounding a young woman named Hannah Straw.

According to Ghosts of New England, Hannah allegedly died in the 1820's during a harsh winter and since the ground was frozen, the Straw family had no choice but to bury Hannah underneath the kitchen of the Old Straw House. The family then marked the grave inside the kitchen, which serves to be as creepy as it is thoughtful.

Apparently, that burial didn't sit well with the soul of Hannah Straw, because she subsequently began haunting the house for the next century. As the house came under different owners through the decades, whispers of several reported sightings of an apparition in the kitchen were heard. Some people have heard unknown footsteps in the house as well as a full bodied apparition strolling through the house.

Full disclosure, several people have studied this legend and believe it to be false. Some people claim that Hannah Straw wasn't even a Straw family member by birth and that she didn't die in the 1820's and most certainly wasn't buried beneath the Old Straw House in Newfield, Maine.

Either way, the tall tale behind the Old Straw House serves as an intriguing ghost story to tell around a campfire. What do you believe?