For those who think Jared Leto is the only one from Hollywood that got their rock on, here's some more to check out! 

There's so many actor/msucians or musician/actors over the years like Jenny Lewis, Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Jack Black, Zooey Deschannel, Eddie Murphy, David Soul, Ice T, Snoop, Ice Cube, Ricky Nelson, Marc Anthony, Jeff Bridges, etc. Here's just a few you might have not known about...


P (featuring Johnny Depp on bass and Gibby Haynes from Butthole Suerfers) 

They made a record even. That was about it. 


You know her from Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers, Christmas Vacation, etc. She made some kick ass records too. She's kind of like a female Iggy Pop. Her last record featured most of the members of Mars Volta. 

DOGSTAR (featuring Keanu Reeves)

They didn't go far, but hey, like whoa, it's like Keanu, rocking out, with like a bass! 

PHANTOM PLANET (featuring Jason Schwartzman)

Before he starred in one of the greatest comedies of all time, Rushmore and plenty more after that; Francis Ford Coppala's nephew Jason Schwartzman played drums in Phantom Planet. I really dug this band. Even when he left to do movies full time, they continued on and made some great records. Jason kept doing music eventually too. He still makes pure old school pop rock music under the name Coconut Records. He did the music to his own HBO series, "Bored to Death". 

WICKED WISDOM (featuring Jada Pinkett Smith and Fish from Fishbone on drums)

Will ain't the only one getting jiggy wit' it in the Smith household. Jada traveled down a different music path though s you'll see. And hear. Loudly. Letterman as always with the funny stuff at the end.. "you're not kidding around are ya?" 

THE RENTALS (featuring Mya Rydolph) 

Besides being wicked funny on SNL and in the movies, Mya geek rocked with The Rentals on keys. This was Matt Sharp's band he formed after leaving Weezer early on in their career.

Some of you might remember a hit song back way back in the day too by Mya's mom, Minnie Ripperton. . .  You can see music was in the blood


Before he got big acting gigs, Mos Def was part of a sick underground hip hop group in the 90's.