It really has been almost five years since the Chili Peppers released an album. "I'm With You" dropped back in 2011. We originally had planned on a new record last year but that's now looking to be a 2016 deal. The rumors circulating toward the end of last year that I was hearing mentioned a new single in February followed by a spring release for the bands eleventh album. Either way, it's coming soon!

In a recent interview with Alternative Nation, Anthony chimed in on the sound of the new album stating “It’s strikingly similar in many ways. There are so many different stages that I have to try and be available in the creative process. We’ll have band practice and improvise—I listen and kind of lose myself and find melody and find rhythm in the moment."

That doesn't give us a ton of insight but I do gather it will resemble the sound of the band from the past twenty years. Catchy hooks, a few nice ballads, maybe a tune where Anthony busts out a series of words that you won't find in the dictionary. ie: "shama-lama-ding-ding-hump-de-bump" or something along those lines.

The actual date for the new single and album is still TBD but we promise the minute we get it, it's going on the radio!