The Auburn Police Department in Maine turned to Facebook to share a hilarious note (and their thoughts) after they found it on a door.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the Auburn Police Department decided to have a little fun after discovering a note hanging from a door in the city. After posting it to their own Facebook, shares and comments began to flood in.

Police Departments having a little life and character on social media is becoming a bit more commonplace in the past few months. Bangor's police department garnered national attention for the handling of their Facebook page. Social media has given police departments a chance to show they're human and can be more than just strict protectors of the law.

Do you have a caption that you feel best fits this note? Should police be posting "funny" things to their social media accounts?

Check out the take on this from the Bangor Daily News here.


Apparently we have a tell tale knock?? Might be time to change our knocking techniques to keep them guessing?

Posted by Auburn (Maine) Police Department on Monday, January 4, 2016