Not sure I'm into the Beastie Boys Musical Production thing coming up soon in London, but this is something super cool I can applaud.


Word just dropped recently about a musical in London called, License to Ill; Late November into early December performers will hit the stage with a Beastie Boy stage-pic if you will about them and their music. I just can't get with it. Not these guys. There's a certain type of "Shooooowwwwwtime" that comes along with musicals that I just don't think works well with these guys. That's just me though. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Bee Gee's... go ahead tackle those life stories. Not sure I see 3 former punk musicians turned punk rap as something for the stage.

THIS though, this is nice to report about the Beasties!

Their NYC recording studio, Oscilloscope is being offered up to NYU as part of a new program at the Clive Davis Institute of Record Music, which is tied to the school.