I got this bill in my mailbox with this name that no one on the planet has. The address was right, but the name is jumbled garbage. After opening the bill, I realized it was dated September 20th but today's date was December 13. All kinds of things were wrong here, because I was pretty sure I had already paid this.

If you got a similar bill with a name with random letters, ignore it. I called CMMC's billing department and they told me that they recently sent out a batch of bills with names that looked like this in error. Their billing system looks like it had a hiccup and they told me that I could ignore the bill and would send a corrected one if needed.

The funny thing about the name on this is that it's a cryptogram. You know those puzzles where all the letters are substituted with another letter? The name has the right amount of letters, but they've been swapped for other letters. The J's are replaced with a X's, the F's with J's and so on. Weird.

My friend Bowen is a math genius and he instantly recognized it was a cryptogram and was able to figure out my middle initial was a J. Now if I could only swap the numbers on the bill for smaller ones.