Well the first one isn't up for debate, sorry! We feel pretty confident that the new Rise Against song is a no brainer so we're gonna start rockin' it, but still let us know what you think. We really need to get this band to Maine, they've still never been here!


This one caught us off guard a little. The Good Charlotte twins Joel and Benji are back as The Madden Brothers, with a completely new sound.


The band that comes up with amazing, creative and bizarre videos are back. No video as of yet though. OK Go, who you remember played the 2002 CYY Holiday Bizarre, are back with a new single that features the chorus lyrics "I just wanna get you a high tonight."


Milky Chance is a German duo consisting of singer Clemens Rehbein as vocalist and DJ Philipp Dausch. These guys feature Alternative, folk, pop and rock in their sound. This one has a super chill vibe and although it doesn't talk about getting high, it's possible you will feel high while listening to it.