The option has sorta kinda been there, but today you can officially use it! 


So, you and your girl (or guy) are in the middle of some thing. Passions are flying and words have been said. The road is coming to an end and the dream is dying. That being the case you decide to send her an email to close the door and maybe add in some parting shot. You type it up on your Gmail (which is super tacky and not recommended, but for story sake here, let's go with this method of break up communication), you re-read and and with a "huh, take that baby, I'm a free man now" grin on your face, you hit SEND. 

..... not 60 seconds later that song you guys loved came on the radio and you realize you can't live without her! But the email... it's on it's way! Well actually it got there in 0.9 millionth of a second, but it's still "en route" til she sees it technically. What do you do? Break in to her place and steal the computer? Have her roomate or sister sneak in and delete it for you? Hell of a situation right? It happens! In movies AND in real life. Well now you can take care of that easy! You gotta do it quick though, BUT YOU CAN DO IT!