With our 90's weekend rolling all weekend long, right through your Monday, I figured let's parade some 90's video around here at wcyy.com Here's the first installment! 

HOUSE OF PAIN jump around... These guys shook up everything in 1991. I guess I'm a bit biased cause of the Larry Bird and Celtics love, but this was huge. Video helped.


ROLLINS BAND liar ... the guy from Black Flag in a music video on MTV? It was groundbreaking folks. Awesome video and shows the power than band had. Sick band.


JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION wail... fun stuff directed by Weird Al.


MARILYN MANSON beautiful people ... We saw Manson before in a video prior to this, but this one really put him up high on a mountain. Shocking and awesome.


WILCO outtasite (outta mind)... from I still feel their best album. It's mine. Simple idea, skydive! Hey record label, pay for a video of us skydiving. Love it. Sweet pop tune too.


PANTERA walk... they needed this video. Headbangers Ball had to show the world who the great force in heavy music was now. Love seeing the aggression matching music.


WAX california... another Spike Jonze masterpiece. Simple, a man running to catch a bus while he's on fire. Non-stop by the way.


JAMIROQUAI virtual insanity... Sounds like Stevie Wonder and dances like a boss. This video put Jay Kay and Jamiroquai on a new level.


RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE freedom... If someone asked me "show me who Rage Against the Machine is" I would show them this.


APHEX TWIN come to daddy... sickness in every direction. Visual and musical.


DEFTONES my own summer... From my fav Deftones album. Sharks? Instant win!!