We told you earlier this week about the Ticketmaster settlement case. Want to get your vouchers? If you’re a Ticketmaster customer, go to your online account page and click “Active Vouchers.” You'll see the full amount of your reward. Because the settlement was for $400 million and more than 50 million people signed on to the suit, the vouchers are worth only $2.25 each. We've heard from listeners however who have received LOTS of free ticket vouchers, so it's worth the look!

Now we are starting to see what actual concerts the vouchers are good for. There are hundreds of shows all over the country. We've narrowed it down for you for just the shows in New England- all of them right now in Mansfield, MA at the Xfinity Center.

There are literally hundreds more shows to choose from if you want to travel outside of New England.



From Diffuser: According to the website for the lawsuit, Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster alleged that “Ticketmaster’s description of its fees is deceptive and suggests that the fee for UPS delivery of tickets is a pass-through of the amount that UPS charged Ticketmaster for that delivery. Plaintiffs also claim that Ticketmaster’s description of its fees caused customers to believe its Order Processing Fee (“OPF”) was based on or related to Ticketmaster’s costs in processing orders, but was not based on those costs and was actually a profit generator which Ticketmaster required customers to pay.”

The suit was filed in October 2003 with a settlement agreement reached 10 years later. As is often the case with such settlements, Ticketmaster did not “in any way acknowledge, admit to or concede any of the allegations made in the Complaints, and expressly disclaims and denies any fault or liability, or any charges of wrongdoing that have been or could have been asserted in the Action.”