It's a little hard to believe that more than 10% of Americans believe that HTML is a sexually transmitted disease, but they do! recently ran a survey on their site prompting people on their knowledge of words that are commonplace tech talk these days. Lots of people failed miserably. I'd hate to pretend that I know every single tech related term, but HTML has been around for about as long as i've been alive. Some of the other hilarious (and sad) results from the survey include:

27% of people taking the survey thought a gigabyte was an insect you'd likely encounter in South America. My Take: I hate when i go camping and come home covered in gigabytes.

23% of respondents thought an mp3 was one of the robots featured in the Star Wars franchise. My Take: Who could forget all the legendary light saber battles between r2d2 and mp3?

18% of the folks filling this survey out truly believed that a blu-ray is some sort of aquatic animal. My Take: You haven't lived until you've eaten a well grilled blu-ray!

There are even more ridiculous results to be read here in this full L.A. Times article. I'm just going to sit here and try to figure out how to explain to my parents how I got this terrible case of HTML.