I popped into a store in Old Orchard Beach over the weekend and came across a simple product with an ingenious twist. And I know there's more out there. 



Naturally living in Portland for the last decade of my life, anything that has "hipster" on it's packaging is going to catch the eye. There are so many handmade soap companies out there but a great way to stand out is to use comedic packaging as a way to gain attention, and this company did.



Obviously not ALL hipsters smell like coffee, bacon or craft beer. Some of them smell like the undiscovered indie band that they just came from seeing the night before. (just kidding). The Whiskey River Soap Co. clearly knows how to grab the attention of people who otherwise would never look twice at handmade soap. And their comedic taste doesn't start with just their products, here's how they describe themselves on their own website:

Whiskey River Soap Co. was founded more than fourteen million years ago in the outskirts of Ancient Rome by a ragtag group of freelance gladiators, stray dogs and out-of-work magicians. Apart, these charlatans were nothing but lazy ne'er do wells akin to a modern-day cable company, but when they encountered one another by chance at the dumpster behind the monster truck rodeo and picked up that legendary tube of half-used superglue, they formed a bond that would last throughout the ages, and even be featured on the History Channel as incontestable proof of alien life.

Okay, maybe not. However, we do very much admire magicians, monster truck rodeos and superglue.

Hard not to like that right? You can check their entire listing of snarky soap brands here! I only took a couple photos but there were several other varieties of this soap. Have you seen any other products at stores in Maine with great comedic packaging? Feel free to share them on our Facebook page!