A cold and snowy Thursday here in Portland. Above is a pic I took on the way into work this morning. Yes, -1, you read that correctly. One thing I don't need to worry about is finding a temporary home for my vehicle during parking bans here in Portland, as I live outside the city. A lot of people aren't in my boat though. There have been a lot of residents requesting more spots to park during what is starting out to be a severe Maine winter. There are three new spots:

  • Eastern Prom from Turner Street to East End School
  • Western Prom from West Street to Bowdoin Street
  • Marginal Way from Plowman to the entrance of the Wastewater treatment plant.

These designated spots will be available from the time the parking ban is called until 8am the following day.

Portland's parking ban is tonight from 10pm until 6am Friday morning. Click here for a full list of other parking bans for today and tomorrow.