Today was the debut of CYY's new feature Fresh Baked Daily. Every weekday at 2:45, I'll spotlight a brand new track on the radio. Opinion's and comments are encouraged.

This is one of those songs that people will most likely love or hate. It's the most Shazamed track Columbia Records has ever seen on a local level. After less than a week of airplay, it was #1 overall in LA. Will it be a Summer anthem? Will it be here and gone? Will it not take off at all? Time will tell.

Cherub is a made up of the duo Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, who combine  sex, drugs, and electronic pop into their music. Is the Casio Keyboard about to make a comeback? Click here to learn more about Tennessee duo Cherub, and check out their new buzzy single "Doses And Mimosas."

Heads up, there are swears and stuff.

Here's the band performing the the woods...on a golf Bonnaroo back in 2012.