Two separate angles of the incident were caught on video of a group of girls being run down by a car in St. Louis.



Live Leak released a video less than a week ago of a dramatic hit-and-run that took place outside a park in East St. Louis. A group of women were engaged in a lengthy argument when out of a nowhere a car clips all of them from behind.

Amazingly, police say that all of the women hit by the car suffered only minor injuries and that the person behind the wheel has been identified and will be charged.

Read the entire story here courtesy of Fox News St. Louis


JD's Take: This has to be the most insane video I've seen in a LONG time. This is like real life Grand Theft Auto stuff that you can't make up. You're telling men nobody was seriously injured? Are you kidding? I'm no forensic scientist but judging on how hot that car was coming in, I'd guess someone should have walked away with a broken bone or two. Absolutely stunning video.