Stand up comedian Jim Jefferies performed last night in Portland and a Reddit user had a major complaint after the show was over.

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Jim Jefferies returned to Portland last night for his rescheduled date from a postponement on Valentine's Day. Jeffries was his usual crass self, opening with a 10 minute biting monologue on the state of comedy and hammering the crowd with a variety of tremendous Bill Cosby jokes. But something else stood out about Jefferies' show last night, the crowd. Sometimes, that's a good but other times, it's a hinderance.

Reddit user Heslaotian was none too happy about the crowd's "participation" in the show last night. Here's an excerpt:

Jim was amazing and he rolled with the punches magnificently but good god was I embarrassed to be in that crowd. Jim performed for almost 2 hours which I was amazed at considering he was heckled twice for extended periods of time. Not only did those two individuals really screw up the flow of an otherwise amazing show but the majority of the crowd was incredibly rude. My biggest issue was the people in the crowd who would not shut the f*ck up...

Can't say I disagree. I was lucky enough to have great seats 8 rows deep on the floor. In front of me were several people who were constantly talking, getting up, or making out. (who's making out at a comedy show?)

The Reddit User continues with this:

In front of me were two girls who would start conversing every time he mentioned the most mundane thing. He brought up Halloween at one point and they dove headfirst into a conversation about what each one wore last Halloween. Oh you were the Tooth Fairy? That's so great! I'm so glad I payed $50 to hear about what type of slut you dressed up as!

Another take I can't disagree with. I was surrounded by females that appeared headed out for a cocktail party on some rich guy's yacht versus going to an offensive comedian's stand up show. Reddit user Heslaotian continues his diatribe in further detail, you can check it out here. It was definitely an interesting night in Portland.