A parent filming the ride at Smokey's Greater Shows in Waterville last week has shared the video of the incident. 


The video was shot and shared by Ivy Perez Marie and shows the point in which there was a malfunction on the Dragon Wagon ride at Smokey's Greater Shows, a traveling carnival. The ride has since been shut down for repair, but raised concerns and questions over how safe all the rides at the carnival are.

JD's Take: Nothing harrowing to see in this video because the kiddie roller coaster is going about 5 miles per hour. BUT, it does show the exact malfunction that caused some minor injuries and it certainly makes you wonder, had this been a much faster roller coaster with adults that had the same exact issue, could people have died? I think the answer is yes, with speed being the ultimate factor. This also looks a lot less worse because the roller coaster is so close to the ground, an adult one would have been significantly higher off the ground and looked much more frightening. For years, I've been opposed to riding "thrill" rides at traveling carnivals....and well, this video doesn't help.