After a recent discussion with some folks it seems the remake plans for Big Trouble in Little China starring with The Rock isn't going over well with peeps. Are we remaking too many movies? Is Hollywood lazy? 

Are we remaking too many movies? Is Hollywood lazy?

I think so. Think of how many countless scripts are out there! Great scripts. Creative once in a lifetime scripts just waiting to entertain and influence a whole new generation of movie goers, actors, film makers and dreamers. 

Some work out. Mad Max is a throwback, but it's kinda new. That worked. 

Poltergeist, not so much. I guess its a case by case situation.

What if they tried to remake Porkys? I mean, sure they'll get the nasty humor down cold. That's easy to do, but what about the characters, the original comedy writing. Anyone can come up with dick and fart jokes. That's easy to do, or re-do. How will this Ghostbusters thing go over? Why mess with Ghostbusters!?!

So why does Hollywood recycle so many movies lately? Go with what works? Well the thing is, it doesn't always work. 

Take for instance these other recent forgettables.... 




What a waste right? How about classic films they took a shot at re-doing or following up and no one on this planet of earth even knew about!!!!! Like this.... 



Probably a good reason for not knowing about that one, but anyways....


I thought hard about some movies from my 80's past and I wondered, mess with them? Or leave em alone? Now keep in mind, golden classic stuff like Ferris Bueller, Sixteen Candles, Caddyshack, Fletch, Stripes, Back to the Future and more aren't even up for discussion. Lets take a quick peek at these though. 


WAR GAMES... I can see this being redone. It was ahead of it's time back then, now it's well, current and most likely whats going on in the movie is something that's being done every day in real life. 


MAX DUGAN RETURNS... I love this movie. Still do. It wasn't huge, which sucks cause it was a great idea and a neat little flick. I could see this being redone, but without any crazy over the top stuff. Has to stay slightly charming. Has to be well cast too. Broderick, Sutherland and Robards were outstanding. Marsha Mason was terrific even more so than the fellas perhaps.


DEATHTRAP... obviously written for the stage this went to the screen and was a fantastic watch. Tough to outdue this cast, but the story is simple enough and awesome enough to try again. The story was king for this moivie so it could be redone without protest by me.


PURSUIT OF DB COOPER... well, it's basically a true story so tough to say no, you can't. Treat Williams is great, but this could maybe be done over alright. Great story.


MAKING THE GRADE... Not one of Judd Nelson's biggest roles, but one of my favorites of his. I watched this 100x as a kid. Great story, easy to re-do but something about the 80's cheese makes it tough to duplicate. Silly, fun movie.


YOUNGBLOOD... I mean, you can't paint over Swayze, but any chance hockey gets some more glory, let em have it! Cool story, easy to re-do. Go for it, but it ain't got no Swayze to it. 


MY BODYGUARD... the trailer makes it seem super silly. It wasn't. It was a great story. Not sure kids still have bodyguards and I don't really think the violence in schools today would lend well to this topic so I'd say let this be. Plus, the main three kids in the staring roles can't be beat. Matt Dillon as a king jerk. Great story, great lessons for kids too. Leave this alone and enjoy for generations!


CAN'T BUY ME LOVE... sure, the story can be re-done and I think it might have a few times on TV shows or in movies in other ways. Maine's own Patrick Dempsey has a charm that I don't think you could duplicate today for this role. Cute story, timeless story. Fun.  


JUST ONE OF THE GUYS... never a "big" movie success wise, but cherished. One of my favorite "80's style comedies". The cross dressing thing to make a statement or or prove a point or to get a job has been done many times since, but this is tough to top. Mostly cause of the perverted little brother, Buddy. One of the best comedy characters ever.


FIREFOX... not one of the first movies people will think of when they think Clint Eastwood. It's a shame cause it's one of his best. This movie still kicks ass. Not a new idea in 2015, but it could be re-done. Takes a lot though. This was a cold, raw, moody vibe. Well filmed. Underrated movie for sure. it wasn't all about the action. There's an intensity that is tough to recapture especially since the cold war is long gone. I thought... 


48 HOURS... rather they leave it be. Nolte and Murphy were a weird pair at first that became were perfect after watching this. That was one of those comedy action roles they just still can't capture, chemistry wise, these days. I can see this re-done, but it will pale in comparison. Good on screen chemistry is magic work.


PUMP UP THE VOLUME... this was a movie for the young, gutsy and rebellious back then. Slater was a cool, Jack Nicholson wannabe with and edge. This worked well with the kids. Controversy, pirated radio airwaves spitting out the truth and punk rock?! Today? Sure, some kid with a podcast could be put in this role and it could work, but who? Need the right kid and you've gotta have a kick ass soundtrack again!   


RUNAWAY... No Gene Simmons? Don't even try it. This is so super cheesy 80's that it's not worth the chance or effort. Haa. Plus, even if you did it over and Gene wasn't in it, I'm certain he'd still somehow find a way to be compensated with at least 90% of the box office sales. 


TOOTSIE... a classic that shouldn't be touched, but I can see it happening. Dustin Hoffman was too damn good to be redone though.


THE PRINCESS BRIDE... Don't even think about it. Period. 


STREETS OF FIRE... It's like the 50's meets some futuristic inner city. Could it be done today? Yes. Could they do a good job, yes I think if they stick to the vibe. Michael Pare's coolness/awful acting and Willem Defoe's greatness are hard to top though. This one was almost a twisted version of West Side Story. This was a very unique film.


THE OUTSIDERS... The style, the cast, the time period, the book were so locked in. Don't bother messing with it today. West Side Story, Boyz in the Hood, Menace to Society, Juice, The Warriors, Rumble Fish... lots of films were in the ballpark. This was different though. This was a true American novel style movie. It was a great looking film. A true classic.  


THE WILD LIFE... A spiritual connected film to Fast Times at Ridgemont High starring Sean Penn's brother, the late Chris Penn. No relation to Fast Times, this had the same feel but with kids out of school working and living. Eddie Van Halen scoring it, Chris Penn was hilarious, great cameo by Lee Ving of the punk band Fear and a super hot Lea Thompson a year before she starred in Back to the Future... this movie is a classic for teens gone wild in the 80's. It needs a proper DVD release, not a remake.


BETTER OFF DEAD... too many reasons, but mostly it's original and creative in too many ways to steal. Ricky and his mom across the street, the Howard Cosell drag racers, the paperboy who wants his $2, the hambugers playing Van Halen... too much originality. Leave this one be!


WEIRD SCIENCE... in the same ballpark as Better off Dead, it's too unique. Too much crazy s--t going on here to try and replicate. Road Warrior freaks in it, a hilarious Bill Paxton as the jerk older brother Chet, John Hughes steering the ship... Leave this one alone. 


BLADE RUNNER... I won't sign off, but this feels ripe for a re-do. Yet I think there's too much respect for this movie that's keeping it safe. It was and still is too groundbreaking to mess with. Visually stunning and how about that, human like robots taking over! Hello Ex-Machina! This movie stands alone.  


SOUL MAN... Funny film and a great cast, but no worries on a remake here. This movie won't ever happen again cause, well, for obvious reasons.  


TOP SECRET... no one can make these zany movies like this anyways so I think this is safe. The Naked Gun, safe. Airplane, safe. God bless the Zucker Brothers and Jim Abrahams! They are on top of comedy movies Mount Olympus with a couple others only. 


HOW I GOT INTO COLLEGE... legendary work from the great Savage Steve Holland. There's so much into this movie; Phil Hartman, silly gags, great comedy, life we can identify with, awesome characters... I don't think anyone could remake this. These are comedies we will never see made again I don't think. This movie is great if you've never seen it. Lots of stuff to quote and so many clever, funny scenes. 


JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY... Too damn good to mess with. Great cast, great writing. Plus no one gives a crap about the 1920's anymore. Michael Keaton rules too.